Administration manual

Administration Manual24 page description of the test and how it is administered. Included also is a background discussion of the rationale of the test and how each test item was selected to sequence the various skills in the areas of reading, writing and math. It describes the test in detail, to know how to give the problems and properly score it for accurate results. It presents the test’s three component parts: writing, reading, and math.

Writing- The Problems

A series of 50 basic writing problems, beginning with the most simple concepts of copying designs and ending with the more complex problems of spelling unusual, non-phonetic words.

Reading- The Problems

A total of 50 problems, begining with identifying letters by sounds to the pronunciation of multi-syllable, non-phonetic words

Math- The Problems

A series of 57 problems, arranged in sequence from most basic counting, to advanced concepts of trigonometry and beginning calculus.

The administration manual is included in the start-up kit.