Advantages of EBS

The Evaluation of Basic Skills (EBS) answers the critical need for an easy, fast, affordable and reliable academic assessment test for students of all ages. Anyone can quickly learn to use it to effectively to assess a student’s basic skill in reading, writing, and math. Standardized for children aged 3-18, it can also quickly assess basic academic skills in adults as well.

Look at the many advantages of this assessment test:

  • Easy to administer; follow simple directions in administration manual. Listen to the audio cassette to simplify the learning process even further. This audio is included in the EBS start-up kit, which includes all you need to get started assessing students right away.
  • Fast; you can give it to an average student in less than 30 minutes. It can also be effectively administered to several students or an entire group at once in some situations
  • Affordable; available to you at a fraction of more common conventional standardized assessment test.
  • Reliable; Since 1996, it has been used many times with students, showing similar age-level performance results when compared with other more conventional testing conducted on these students.
  • Private/personnel use; administer test yourself and scale for age-level performance. No testing service is required to calibrate or maintain results.
  • Broad use; for children aged 3-18 and beyond
  • Standardized; raw scores compared to age-level performance on easy-to-read charts.
  • Diagnosis for instructional planning; answers reveal areas of weakness, lack of concept understanding, and can detect careless errors and inattention.
  • Concept understanding emphasized in math; each concept is isolated to determine exact level of ability and knowledge.
  • Phonetic skills measured; specific rules of phonics are isolated and sequenced in difficulty.