Certified Test Administrator

Trust Tutoring qualified persons to administer the Evaluation of Basic Skills (EBS) through a basic two-step process of (1) completing a questionnaire about the purpose and use of the test and (2) administering the EBS to an individual in a proper, satisfactory manner.

Qualifying to become a certificated test administrator is available to anyone who completes the application and procedures involved, including parents, teachers, counselors, psychologists, and other educators. The purpose of this certification is to provide assurance to the general public and all interested parties that the test administrator is sufficient skilled and able to administer the test according to the criteria established by the EBS test publisher.

Certified EBS test administrators are listed at the Trust Tutoring website to facilitate direct contact for all proper purposes.  The certification fee is $195, and requires purchase of the EBS start-up kit as well.   If interested, follow the simple instructions to apply for certification.