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Testing Materials from Trust Tutoring

Start-up Kit

(including Administration Manual; 50 test forms; 25 pre-test/post-test phonetic word tests; instructional audio)   $89.95

Administration Manual only

24-page description and background of the EBS and instructions on how to administer it.  $15.95

Set of 50 test forms only

Each EBS test form consists of 4 pages of sequential problems, divided into three sections: writing, reading and math. At the end of each section, there is a standardization scale to compare raw score with age-level equivalent performance. The test is suitable for evaluating children aged 3-18   Set of 50   $50.00

Set of 50 pre-test/post-test phonetic tests

50 each of the phonetic word test I and II to deterine skill level ability with key “phonetic” rules of the English language.  46 word on each test.  Total for all   $40.00

Application fee for certification as
EBS test administrator

Two-step training procedure to qualify as a certified EBS test administrator   $195.00