Tutoring Program

Trust Tutoring provides individualized in-home tutoring instruction for all subjects and ages.  Established by the International Montessori Trust in 1992, our program is based on years of prior tutoring experience and observation with many different students in a wide range of unique learning situations and specific subject matter.  Our main focus is for long-term, enduring success in learning by helping students develop better time management, organization skills and self-discipline to regular daily study.  Using this “study skill” approach, we are confident that students will achieve maximum positive results in achieving their desired learning goals to overcome any problems they have with the particular subject matter at hand.

Our tutoring program begins with an evaluation meeting, at which time the evaluator administers our “Evaluation of Basic Skills” (EBS) test.  This simple, but effective, standardized test is especially designed to identify the student’s ability level in reading, writing, and math, and is used by all parties to help diagnose learning obstacles and establish the proper instructional goals and approach to meet the needs of each situation.    The evaluator uses the EBS test results, and other information gained from the personal evaluation meeting, to set up and supervise a plan of tutoring that will best achieve the specified goals, needs and interests in the situation.

Following the evaluation, we assign the tutor to conduct a series of sessions, which are usually formatted in 10-session terms.  Each session is either 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour in length, usually set for at leat least one time per week.

The tutor helps the student establish a suitable specific  plan of study between sessions, which is based on the guidance and instructions given by the evaluator.   At each session, the tutor cooperates with the student to write up a set of daily logs that focus attention to specific subject matter, study and practice each day until the next session.  Typically, these logs follow closely the content of the student’s homework and classroom subject matter at school.

Tutors complete progress reports after each session and submit these to the evaluator for every session conducted.  At about the mid-point in each 10-session term, clients receive a written progress summary report so they are kept informed on pertinent details of the student’s performance.

At the end of each 10-session term, the client may renew and continue for further tutoring, which may extend for as long as desired.

To set up an evaluation or to obtain specific information about fees and other specific program and contract details, contact: Lee Havis, Director, Trust Tutoring, 9525 Georgia Ave. #200, Silver Spring, MD 20910, Tel. 301-589-0733; email: havis@trusttutoring.com