Regional Director

Regional Directors (RD) initially evaluate students, set up contracts with clients and finally supervise the tutors in the actual implementation of the program. We qualify RD’s through several preliminary exercises, which will prepare you for this work.

We hire persons for RD employment on the basis of educational experience, interest, patience, reliability, long-term availability and compatibility with our “study skill” approach. Minimum time commitment required for the RD work is about 3-4 hours per week, evenings and weekends.

When we receive your completed application, we will send you the RD agreement, which sets forth specific terms of this position. You will then sign and return this agreement with a $45 deposit for support materials, which includes a Regional Director’s Handbook and testing materials you will need to prepare for and conduct the actual work. This deposit will be refunded in full upon termination of employment. Regional Directors will learn to administer the “Evaluation of Basic Skills” and complete several key documents in preparation for this work.

Once qualified, you will begin receiving referrals to proceed with the work. RD’s are not required to “cold call” or advertise directly for potential clients. However, we expect you to follow up referrals we give you in a timely and efficient manner.

RD’s are paid on a commission basis as indicated by a specific fee schedule.

Once qualified you will begin receiving referrals to follow up to conduct evaluation and set up specific contracts. Trust Tutoring will also provide you with a list of potential tutors to assign to each contract.