Philosophy and Purpose

The philosophy of Trust Tutoring is to view each student as an individual, having his own perfect inner guidance for learning development. This approach therefore implements the idea of scientific observation, rather than conventional teaching, which is the basic discovery of true self-directed normal development as discovered and described by Dr. Maria Montessori in 1907.   Today, this scientific approach to true natural being, is called “true natural” Montessori teaching, which is represented and described  at the web site for International Montessori Society,

Trust Tutoring follows this philosophy of “true natural” Montessori teaching in the context of one-to-one tutoring by creating an environment that allows the student’s natural self-directed learning development to fully unfold.  In practice, this philosophy is activated by providing an orderly, positive environment for learning, which allows the student’s inborn tendencies toward concentration, independence and self-discipline to fully express themselves in the learning process.