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Evaluation of Basic Skills
Standardized Testing for ages 3-18
The start-up kit comes with its own administration manual and test forms with a chart to compare the raw score with age-level performance. Included are the administration manual, 50 individual test forms, 25 special pre-test and post-test forms for measuring phonetic reading skills and Audio cassette; 2 tape set- "Administering the Test"

"I have been using the EBS for at least ten years. It is an excellent tool that is simple, yet gives enoguh complex information to illuminate exactly where the student/client needs exposure or assistance. I have used this to evaluate on a professional level as a certified evaluator, a private tutor and as a home-school mom. I now utilize it as a professional counselor. I would recommend the EBS as a definite asset to anyone who is interested in getting to the point. It is useful for all ages and non-threatening to students/clients because unlike most others, the EBS is not overwhelming or redundant."

-Deb Amoroso, WA

Tutoring Program
In your home any age or subject
"The program is the best. I highly recommend it. I have learned the importance of studying. I feel confident with the idea of learning..."
Chele Collins
(Washington, DC)

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