Trust Tutoring employs tutors to conduct individualized instruction for students in all subjects and grade levels. The program presently operates in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. We hire tutors on the basis of patience, reliability and experience with students and education at the age level and subject matter involved.

We expect tutors to follow and comply with terms of a general agreement which complies with requires an understanding and compliance with our study skill approach and submission of progress reports in a timely and complete manner. There is a qualifying interview and references required.

Tutoring sessions are conducted in groups of 10 or 20. Each session is usually an hour in length to be scheduled one or two times per week base on the requirements of the individual assignment.

The first term rate for tutors is $19/hr., $26/1½ hr. session. For each further 10-session term, we increase the pay to tutors by $1 per session; e.g. 2nd 10-session term, $20 per hour, 3rd 10-session term, $21 per hour. The maximum payment to tutors is $21/hr and $29/1½ hr. session.

Tutoring times and schedules are usually left to the tutor and client to work out —often an early evening hour or on the weekend works best.

Click here to print the employment application, fill it out, and mail it to Trust Tutoring 9525 Georgia Avenue #200 Silver Spring, MD 20910.