Fees and Registration

Tutoring services for private clients include costs for initial evaluation, registration and the specific rate that applies for each tutoring session. The fee for evaluation is due at that time.

During the evaluation meeting, clients may establish a contract for tutoring, which usually begins with a term of 10 or 20 sessions. There is a registration contracting fee of $25. A minimum payment of 50% of the total contract amount, including evaluation and registration, is due before the tutor is assigned.

There is a complete refund of all payments made for sessions not completed after the first three. Clients may renew their contracts to continue tutoring at a reduced amount. There is no further registration or evaluation fee once the tutoring has been set up.

Contact Trust Tutoring for specific rates that would apply to your situation.  A written fee schedule will be sent by regular mail to anyone who make personal inquiry. Tutoring services for government agencies may vary from customary rate and fee scheduling due to payment delayed until after services are provided.  Contact: Lee Havis, Trust Tutoring, 9525 Georgia Ave. #200, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Tel. 301-589-0733. Email: havis@trusttutoring.com