Program Operation

Supervising Personnel:
Every tutoring assignment is supervised by a certified EBS test administrator, who serves as “evaluator” to conduct the initial evaluation meeting.    The evaluator, designated as “regional director” (RD) based on geographical area assigned, is an experienced educator who has been specially prepared and qualified by TRUST TUTORING to conduct these duties in our program.  Regional Directors follow specific written policies and procedures, which require their close attention to review progress reports for each tutoring session.

Tutors are qualified and assigned to students on the basis of their subject matter knowledge, patience and experience to handle the specific learning situation in question. They follow the student’s individualized instruction plan, which RD’s closely supervise at all stages of the tutoring program.

Sequence and Procedures:
1. Evaluation and Registration: The first step in our program is to arrange an initial evaluation meeting with the student. At that time, the RD evaluates the student and gets to know the particular needs and learning goals and objectives of the situation. At this meeting, The RD gives a special “Evaluation of Basic Skills” (EBS) test to determine the student’s approximate skill level ability in such areas as reading, writing and math. Following this testing, clients may then establish a specific contract for tutoring, identifying a subject area of emphasis and establishing an initial term of ten or twenty sessions. Each session is 1 or 1½ hrs. in length, scheduled one to two times per week.

2. Tutor Assigned: The tutor is specifically qualified and assigned by the RD based on the needs of the particular situation. The tutor then contacts the client to set up the first tutoring session to begin implementing the plan of study established at the evaluation meeting. Tutors complete a written “progress report” after each session, which is sent to the RD for further follow-up review and consultation as needed.

3. Progress and Evaluation: Prior to completion of each term of tutoring, the RD prepares a “progress summary” report highlighting key aspects of the student’s learning skills and goals achieved in the program up to that point. The client receives this written summary along with a renewal contract for tutoring to continue if interested. TRUST TUTORING adapts each new term of tutoring to the changing needs of the situation to help students gain the most benefit possible from this continuing learning experience.