What People Say…

“…we want to thank you for all your help. C. has shown a huge improvement…we could not have been more content. We are happy with the progress and have received great advice…I will recommend the company with no hesitation and wish you all the best. Thank you. Alexi Soto (4/13/2006)

“I feel your services were ideal for K… We really needed intense on-site tutoring from a knowledgeable, patient tutor. K… had never studied a foreign language and had to catch-up to her peers at her new school. Your tutor Lillian A…, provided a comprehensive, organized plan for getting K… up to speed. Most importantly, she adhered to your philosophy of making the student responsible with daily homework and study skill applications. We were very pleased with your services and would highly recommend them to other students requiring tutoring.”
“Trust Tutoring has given me a great tutor who was always on time able to understand what i needed help in my subject areas and help me to move on to a higher level. Thank you Trust Tutoring for making my dream come true.”

“We are thankful to Trust Tutoring for helping our son Jose… to develop his writing and reading. We also believe that your program will help many children develop their potential. Thank you.” Hope Smith (7/8/2002)


We are extremely pleased with the tutoring Alan W… is providing to our son J….. J… is now using the Daily Log as a very useful tool for recording the tasks he must accomplish each day. He then uses it to track whether they have been completed or need follow-up, and also to plot work he needs to do in the future. Alan is also helping J… create systems and habits to help him record assignments when they are given at school, turn in completed homework, and file papers that are returned to him. He has helped him to prioritize his assignments and to create time blocks for school work…In addition to his work with J…, he is willing to work closely with us as well to help us help J…” Jose and Ines Portugal


“It’s my pleasure to inform you that my daughter has passed her Math and Algebra finals this year, with a grade of “B”. thanks for the help she received from you an Mr. Pat H……I will tell all my friends about your excellent services…Thank you again.” Mellinda Salzman (6/10/1998)


“We would like to take this opportunity to thank James T… from Trust Tutoring for all the help he has provided to our daughter, J……Through his detailed instruction in the areas of Geometry and SAT (math and verbal) preparation, J… successfully completed the 10th grade Geometry course after previously experiencing difficulties…We very much endorse James as a most excellent and conscientious tutor and certainly recommend Trust Tutoring as upholding the highest education goals and practices.” Mahmoud Ezzeldin

Laurence D. Munz (7/10/1997)

“Helped me in a time of despair would recommend to a friend. Great Service. Quality people”


“Trust Tutoring provided our daughter with a structured approach to studying. Her tutor was well trained and familiar with approaches to our daughter’s particular needs. The tutor kept in touch with us regarding our child’s progress. We were pleased to see that Trust Tutoring kept a watchful eye over their tutors rather then merely making a match and not follow up with us. We would use Trust Tutoring again and have already recommended its services to others.” Mary Celani (3/1997)

“I am quite pleased with the services of Mr. Alan W… who was assigned to my son. It seems to be a very good match…A… has responded to the tutorial session and Mr. W…’s suggestions by getting back into his creative expression which he had somewhat abandoned…In any event, one person can sometimes make a wonderful difference and this is what seems to be happening on some levels. I hope that it continues. I am grateful that I made a wise choice and without any prior knowledge about Trust Tutoring.” Ms. Fisher


“Thank you for your recent progress summary for our son, B……He has made excellent progress in his algebra studies since beginning his tutoring with Roger C…. Roger is a wonderful tutor and mentor for B…. He has had a positive influence on B… over the past 6 months. His grades have improved and he now has a good foundation to go on to more advanced algebra classes in high school.” Leatha Simmons Michell (2/12/1998)

“In home service is unique and very helpful. Excellent tutor.” Mary L. Silva (5/7/1998)


“The program has helped me immensely. I had never taken algebra before and I have comprehended more than I realized. Sometimes it will take me a couple of time before I comprehend. I am older but I can learn. The program would help others if they need one to one learning.” Darick Harris


“My son lost scholarship money because of his grades in calculus. You got him back on track. This is his second year in college and he is getting his scholarship money. I would highly recommend it.” Brenda Wilson


“I am an adult learner with previously poor mathematic skills…I was able to learn statistics. Wow! My tutor taught me how to study and analyze the textbooks as a resource for information. This was invaluable assistance to my learning process.” Karen Hood (7/13/2003)


“First of all I would like to thank you and Trust Tutoring for helping me get B… and B……established and prepared to back into the school September. You have a wonderful program.” LaDora Jackson (3/24/1999)